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Female fighters clash over 'striptease' video
Female fighters clash over 'striptease' video
Female fighters clash over 'striptease' video
Other Sports Female fighters clash over 'striptease' video

Female fighters clash over ‘striptease’ video

MMA fighter Valerie Loureda recently posted a TikTok video showing her dancing in the gym during a workout. This did not go down well with a lot of fans and even fellow MMA fighters like Macy Chiasson.

Female fighters clash over 'striptease' video

Chiasson accused Loureda of sending the wrong message to the world and also of sexualizing the sport unnecessarily. She even commented on Loureda;s video, “Lol I f***ing can’t anymore. Is this the message we want to continue to convey to not only our future leaders but to the disgusting already misogynistic dudes out here. Are we here to fight and be role models or are we here for male followers and strip teases.”

This sparked a war of words between the fighters –

Loureda: Girl by putting other women down you’re contradicting yourself. Who said I do anything for my male followers? I have been fighting since I was 2 years old and just like you have other interests like tattoos I like to dance. Lmao simple.

Chiasson: I’m all for women being strong and sexy but this really isn’t it. You’re in your mma gear at your gym. Gloves, mouth piece and shin guards on. You’re portraying the wrong message to people who watch this sport. You’re portraying that this is what women’s mma is about.

Loureda: Nah it shows you can be strong feminine and sexy and still be a bad b***h in a male dominated industry. #facts.

Chiasson: But … are you tho? Some of us actually care about the quality of women’s mma and women’s sports in general. You’re selling sex not mma.

Loureda: I’m selling sex because I was born with a different body than you and im Hispanic? LOL I fight in a cage just like you do, when I’m not in a cage I’m extremely feminine and I was born like that. Stop hating lol.

Chiasson: Yes. You fight in a cage but not like I do and don’t talk to me like I don’t know what femininity means.

Loureda: Girl do you and stop harassing other woman who embrace their ‘femininity’ period.

Chiasson: Based on what you’ve said. Your definition of embracing femininity is very narrow and that’s really sad. Again, you know nothing about my femininity. It’s really sad.