PDC chairman Barry Hearn says Grand Slam of Darts to feature leading amateurs in 2021

Source : Sky Sports

The Chairman of the PDC has revealed that the format of the Grand Slam of Darts will continue to feature players from out of the PDC. The tournament has pitted the PDC elite against the best of the BDO. With the liquidation of the latter, the 2020 World Championship was the last edition.

“The Grand Slam was always supposed to be the two codes – the amateur code and the professional codes together,” PDC chairman Barry Hearn said. “And I think it worked. I think it created a unique tournament. Clearly and unfortunately the amateur game has virtually folded.”

Hearn also revealed plans for the women’s game in the future. The ‘women’s series’ was organized last year to introduce a qualification for the PDC World Championship. He revealed that they are trying their best to keep the game gender-neutral. He gave special mention to Lisa Ashton who won a Tour Card and hopes that budding women can use her as an example.

“This is not an easy life, it’s a competitive sport. We’re not in this sport to create mediocrity, we’re in it for excellence. So it does fall back on the ladies to be better and to improve.” he added.



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