Michael van Gerwen determined to regain world No 1 status after losing it to Gerwyn Price

Source : Sky Sports

Michael van Gerwen has warned his fellow professionals he will be back after losing his long world No 1 streak to new world champion Gerwyn Price. Van Gerwen was humbled 5-0 after an outstanding performance by Dave Chisnall at the world championship, which ultimately resulted in the loss of his world No 1 status to Price.

“I will get that number one spot back again. I know that and I’m sure of that,” Van Gerwen said. “I think I started picking my form up in the last few months and I thought I played alright at the Worlds but Dave Chisnall played a game he probably never played in his life on television, but that also happened with Joe Cullen. They all played really well, but things like that happen in any kind of sport.”

“You need to work hard and if you work hard then you’re going to reach your targets and that’s what I have to keep aiming for,” he added. “Of course it’s not nice that I’m not world number one anymore but if I have to call out someone who deserves it I think it’s Gerwyn Price at the moment. I’ll be back, don’t worry. This can help me get the hunger back again, but I feel good, I feel relaxed and when you give yourself targets and when things finally get back to normal hopefully I can do some proper damage again.”

“It’s been a longer break than I’m used to but I’ve not been sitting still. I’ve been to Winmau [Van Gerwen’s darts manufacturer] and we’ve been busy producing some new darts for me,” Van Gerwen explained. “I’ve got so many good memories with my old darts but I can feel now they’re starting to be worn out a bit.”



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