Adrian Lewis discusses his fight with Peter Wright and why he admires Fallon Sherrock on The Darts Show Podcast

Adrian Lewis
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Adrian Lewis, or ‘Jackpot,’ has spoken up about his Players Championship Finals brawl with Peter Wright and why he feels Fallon Sherrock is a “breath of fresh air.”

After losing to Wright in the second round of the Players Championship Finals on Saturday, Adrian Lewis accused the Scot of being a “cheat.”

Following Wright’s 6-5 triumph in Minehead, a furious altercation between the two players occurred while they were still on stage, with Lewis being escorted away by security personnel.

The Stoke-on-Trent thrower later explained on social media that the altercation occurred due to a loose floorboard.

The 2011 and 2012 World Champions reminisced on the match and its aftermath on The Darts Show Podcast, saying: “I had a 3-0 lead over Wrighty but lost. It’s just the way it is. It’s simply a matter of putting it behind you and moving on. Really, nothing has changed. I told the truth, and that was the end of it. That’s how I saw it when I first saw it, and it’s how I still see it now. It’s just the way it is.”

When asked if he’d had the chance to meet with the tournament’s final champion in Minehead, Lewis said: “No, not at this time. No. I’ll probably see him at the Worlds or shortly afterwards.”

He continued, ” “I’ll simply put it out of my mind now. The World Championship is something I’m looking forward to. That is the most significant of the bunch. So if I can do some harm there, that will make up for what occurred here.”

Lewis is still ranked No. 34 in the world despite a slide in the rankings, but he is determined to reclaim the form that propelled him to success at Alexandra Palace almost a decade ago.

“The crispness isn’t quite where it should be,” Lewis expressed his dissatisfaction. “When I’m up there, I get the feeling that I’m untouchable when I’m putting up 110-plus averages. ‘Yeah, that’s it,’ I think. ‘I’ve returned.’ Then I’ll average roughly a tonne in the next game. And then I’ll have a hiccup where I average 95 and lose.”

Looking ahead to the Worlds, Lewis has been drawn to face Canada’s Matt Campbell in the first round, with the victor facing Gary Anderson in a possible blockbuster match.

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