The Ashes: After England’s latest batting meltdown, top scorer Dawid Malan says there are no excuses

The Ashes
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The Ashes: According to Dawid Malan, England cannot make excuses for their alarming run of batting collapses in the Ashes and must find a way to score runs.

The batting line-up went wrong twice in the series opener in Brisbane, and it went wrong again on day three in Adelaide, with a weaker Australia attack taking eight for 86 to take complete control of the series.

Malan had shared a century stand with captain Joe Root for the second game in a row, sowing the seeds of a recovery, but nobody else had the mettle to back them up, and the score fell from 150-2 to 236 all out.

Despite scoring more runs and facing more balls than anyone in the away dressing room over the last three innings, Malan refuses to give himself a pass, arguing that scores of 82 and 80 are insufficient to win the game.

“It’s very simple to keep saying ‘oh, we’re unfortunate; we snatched a few; we played some awful shots; this and that,’ but we need to find a way to put some runs on the board as a group,” he remarked.

“If we knew why the collapses occurred, we could prevent them, but perhaps we can put in some teamwork.”

“It’s been quite aggravating.” It’s quite upsetting to go back into a situation where we may get within touching distance of them only to lose eight wickets.

“We can argue about the ones who didn’t make it, but at the end of the day, one of Rooty or myself should have gone out and got a big hundred and eased the pressure off those guys.”

‘Cook: Mistakes are made all the time’

The tourists lost the first Test in Brisbane due to a similar batting collapse, with former England captain Sir Alastair Cook believing the team are not learning from their mistakes.

“It’s all too familiar, and it’s really irritating for the players and coaches,” he said on BT Sport. “You can’t afford to lose wickets in clusters.” “Batting coaches are saying things like, “If you lose a wicket, you have to rebuild,” and other things you tell 13-year-olds in team meetings, but they aren’t learning.

“When they are put under duress as a batting team, they are not good enough. When one of Australia’s wickets falls, they make the most of the opportunity for 20 minutes. Starting your innings on a flat wicket is crucial; Australia goes all in, and England hasn’t been able to handle it.

“That was a critical opportunity to get back into the series and bat big, and Root and Malan delivered. After the talisman went second or third over after lunch, (England lost) four for 19, and you can’t afford to do that on flat wickets again and time again because the game is already practically out of reach after 45 minutes.”

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