Steve Smith’s wife shares hilarious pictures on his return from the bubble

Steve smith's wife
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Australian Batsman Steve Smith’s wife once again captured him for doing something unique.

Steve, an Australian batsman, is always known for his unique style. He is the best test batsman at present. In 77 test matches of Australia, Steve has scored 7540 runs, in which 27 are his centuries and 3 are his fifties. When it comes to bowling, Steve is often seen leaving the ball outside the off-stump in such a creamy and elaborated way.

Steve Smith’s wife, Dani Willis shared a post on Twitter, in which he is checking out his bats blindfolded. Her wife captioned it “Flashback to Steve doing Steve things. I think he was trying to work out which bat had the better pickup?”

Steve adopted this distinctive approach to understanding the weight of each bat so that he can choose one according to his needs and requirements.

His coach Justin Langer also stated during the 2019 world cup, “Steve hones his cover drives in the shower.”

Steve Smith told the media “I always have a bat in my room and Ricky was actually roaming about ten rooms up from me the other day and said, ”Were you batting at seven o’clock this morning?”

So it can be true to say that Steve is unique in all his ways, a great champion in the stadium and outside the stadium too.

He was last seen in the team of Delhi capitals, IPL which was then suspended on May 4, 2021, because of lots of positive corona cases in India. His IPl cricket match score this year was 104 runs in six matches.

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