Sarah Taylor says anxiety resurfaced with her historic appointment to Sussex’s coaching set-up

Source : Sky Sports

Former England wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor says she will strive to be the best version of herself after “little demons” of anxiety resurfaced with her historic appointment to Sussex’s coaching set-up. The 31-year-old retired from international cricket in 2019 after struggling with her mental health; even so, she still amassed 226 England caps, scoring over 7,000 international runs and effecting 227 wicketkeeping dismissals – the most in the history of women’s international cricket.

“The news came out and 99 per cent of it was extremely positive, and people saying I’d earned the right to be there; I was there on merit and I do feel like that personally,” said Taylor. “It takes some horrible comments to then get you back in your shell and you kind of think, ‘do I? Maybe is it a gender thing?’ It’s absolutely not – I know 100 per cent deep down it’s not at all.”

“But all of a sudden, those little demons start to creep back in again and as soon as I got to Hove and saw the guys, I knew that I was part of the family,” she added. “So yes, I do [get lows]; I want to be the best I can possibly be. I want to make sure that I’m the best coach for Brownie [wicketkeeper Ben Brown] and the guys and the best person around the group. Although I think that can bring some negativity, I think actually that’s the best version of me and I should keep striving for that always.”

“I’ve obviously spent a lot of hours on the field ‘keeping,” she continued. “I look back with pride at the career that I had and I learned a lot and I learned a lot about myself as a person as well and I have obviously done that for the past few years.”


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