Rohit Sharma defends Chennai pitch after India thrash England to level Test series

Source L Sky Sports

India batsman Rohit Sharma has taken aim at the critics who complained about the Chennai pitch in the second test against England, saying every team “takes advantage of home conditions”. After losing the opening Test of the four-match series, India levelled with a 317-run win as England struggled against spin on a track where Sharma and Ravichandran Ashwin notched centuries in the first and second innings respectively.

“The pitch is the same for both teams, so I don’t know why there is so much discussion about it. Pitches have been prepared like this in India for years,” Sharma said. “Every side takes advantage of home conditions even when we travel. When we travel they (opponents) make our life difficult. We need to go with our team’s preference. That’s the meaning of home advantage, otherwise, just take it away and the ICC should come up with a uniform rule everywhere for pitches. When we go abroad, people make our life difficult.”

“I don’t think pitches should be debated at all. Debates can be held on players, their performances, [and] how they are batting or bowling, but don’t debate pitches. Both teams play on the same pitch and whoever plays better wins.” he added.

“As a batsman, depending on the pitch, you prepare yourself. Players are picked to play based on their skill set and mindset to play in challenging conditions.” Sharma continued. “There are chances you will fail but it doesn’t matter as long as you learn from that. We don’t complain about the pitch when we play outside India, we just move on and others should do the same. I would tell the experts to talk about cricket and not the pitches.”


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