Live Cricket News: ‘The closer you get, the more convinced you are that it isn’t out, said Gambhir

Live Cricket News

Live Cricket News: A lot of disputed catch dismissals occurred on the second day of the Johannesburg Test between India and South Africa. Rishabh Pant had taken a catch while lunging forward to dismiss Rassie van der Dussen at the stroke of lunch, but a baffling series of replays revealed that the ball may have slipped past Pant’s gloves. KL Rahul was later removed after being caught at first slip by Aiden Markram, and the judgement was once again disputed.

During the pre-match broadcast before Day 3 of the Test, former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir went into great depth regarding Rahul’s catch. On repeated replays, Gambhir noted that Rahul appeared “not out,” but argued that his initial response was that the ball had travelled to the slips.

“The more you zoom in, the more you assume the ball isn’t out and is falling short.” However, at normal speed, my first thought was that it had carried since the fingers were beneath the ball. When you zoom in, you’ll notice that the ball is always touching the ground. “The soft-signal was the primary factor in the judgement favouring the fielding team,” Gambhir stated on Star Sports.

“If you look at it at a normal speed, you’ll see fingers underneath.” You can always tell when the ball has reached the ground if you zoom in.”

Gambhir further stated that while evaluating such dismissals, there is no need to “zoom in too much,” as this just adds to the confusion.

“I don’t think you need to zoom in too much.” We should examine it at a normal speed to determine whether the hands are beneath the ball or the catch is clean. If you keep zooming in, the dispute about whether it was a single bounce or a clean bounce will continue. “When his finger is beneath the ball, Fielder knows,” Gambhir stated.

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