Latest Cricket News: ‘This is the discipline that a youngster needs if he or she aspires to bat at the greatest level’

Latest Cricket News

Latest Cricket News: On Day 1 of the final game of the three-match series against South Africa in Cape Town, Indian Test captain Virat Kohli scored a magnificent 79. Kohli, who had missed the second Test in Johannesburg, returned with a bang, displaying incredible fortitude and patience throughout his innings, which saw him leave deliveries outside off – the same deliveries where he had been caught fishing in the past.

Kohli’s disciplined performance in the third Test attracted acclaim, and former Pakistan captain Salman Butt claimed Kohli had set an example for “youngsters” who want to play Test cricket.

“It appeared to be vintage Virat Kohli.” It was a superb display of self-control. This is the discipline that a youngster needs to bat at the greatest level. You know you’re in good shape when you’re leaving deliveries on the long side. The ball was seaming early on, and Kohli took body knocks, but it was a fantastic display of guts and command,” Butt remarked on YouTube.

“He was beaten as well, but the instant the ball entered his zone, it nearly always went for the boundary.” This is how you feel about Kohli. When they’re in form, just a handful of players are capable of making such high-level shots. “It was a masterclass,” says the narrator.

Butt also mentioned that the “greatest” aspect of Kohli’s knock was his refusal to take drives on deliveries outside the off-stump.

“Many players attain balance by keeping their foot close to the point. Many people are leaning in the direction of the covers. But the best part was that he didn’t take those balls with him. He only played overpitched balls that were close to his body. He went on drives only after he was settled. “He had opted not to try for the wide outside-off shots at all, which was the best thing,” the former Pakistan captain added.

“Exemplary to observe. Any batter, particularly rookie batters, as well as an international player who wants to learn how to stay focused on a difficult pitch (should watch this innings). You’re under pressure when you’re not scoring runs. That is something that no one can avoid. Especially the player who has amassed such a large number of points. It’s fantastic, despite the pressure, his pick and select, and the way he found the lengths.”

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