Latest Cricket News: The BCCI makes its position on Pakistan accusing India of cancelling visits plain

Latest Cricket News
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Latest Cricket News: The Pakistan Cricket Board is in disarray (PCB). The South Asian country’s cricket governing body suffered a huge defeat as New Zealand and England cancelled their scheduled cricket tours of the country. While New Zealand claimed security concerns as the basis for their withdrawal from the trip, England stated that they wished to protect their players’ health.

The cancellation of these tours will have a significant financial impact on the cricket board, as well as a negative influence on the organization’s morale. In the midst of all of this, former Pakistan cricketer and PCB chairman Ramiz Raja have slammed the two countries for cancelling the series after committing to it.

While fans in the country were plainly saddened by the decision, things intensified when a few Pakistani officials and ministers accused India of being involved in the cancellation of these tours of Pakistan.

We wish Ramiz Raja the best of luck: Official of the BCCI

In response to all such charges, a BCCI official informed news agency IANS that the Pakistan Board has a habit of dragging India’s name into all of their disputes without providing any evidence, and the same is true this time.

“We wish Ramiz Raja the best of luck…Under his leadership, Pakistan cricket reaches new heights. We’d like to make it clear that the BCCI played no part in the cancellation of England and New Zealand tours to Pakistan “According to the BCCI official quoted in this storey.

“We don’t have time for this… Also, why are certain ex-Pakistan players bashing the IPL (Indian Premier League) for no apparent reason? According to Raja, the Australian players have even changed their DNA for the sake of the money they make by playing in the IPL. He accused the Australians of playing joyfully against India instead of aggressively “the official continued.

Meanwhile, India and Pakistan will face off in the forthcoming Men’s T20 World Cup on October 24. The game will be played at the Dubai International Stadium and will be a significant game because the two countries no longer play each other in bilateral agreements due to their deteriorated political relationship.

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