Latest Cricket News: Shoaib Akhtar responds to Virender Sehwag’s infamous ‘chucking’ remark

Latest Cricket News

Latest Cricket News: Virender Sehwag’s outspoken statement criticising the former pacer’s bowling action has prompted Shoaib Akhtar to respond. Sehwag, who has a no-holds-barred style of voicing his opinions on any subject, claimed that the speedster ‘used to jerk his elbow’ and that he ‘knew he was chucking too.’

Sehwag compared Shoaib to Brett Lee, adding he could read him because he’s “hand came down straight.” However, the former India opener couldn’t read Akhtar’s delivery because he ‘could never estimate where the hand and ball would come from.’

In response to Sehwag’s bold statement, Akhtar urged the Indians to desist from making such remarks now that social media is gaining popularity. Akhtar, who used to keep the speed guns busy during his playing days, also brought up the political issues between India and Pakistan, saying he doesn’t want to say anything that will further sour the relationship.

“I would request Sehwag to not pass such comments. If Sehwag knows more than ICC, he is entitled to his opinion. My statement to Sehwag will be a bit different. I feel he was one of the greatest match-winners India has ever produced. He was a team man and among the greatest openers to have ever played for India. At the moment, I am at that stage and age where I’m careful while dishing out my opinions. I don’t want to pass a comment or insult any player who has played on the national level,” Akhtar told Sportskeeda.

“I haven’t seen the interview. Sehwag is a close friend but I don’t know if he has commented jokingly or if he is being serious.”

“Cricketers should make sure their statements don’t disturb the harmony between India and Pakistan. If there’s a scope for improvement in relations between the two countries, I should be able to play that bridge. I request Sehwag to be mindful while making such statements in the age of social media,” Akhtar further added.

While Sehwag questioned Akhtar’s bowling action, he lauded him and emphasised his unpredictable nature.

“Shoaib knows he used to jerk his elbow; he knew he was chucking too. Why would ICC ban him otherwise?” Sehwag said on the third episode of ‘Home of Heroes’ on Sports 18. “Brett Lee’s hand came down straight, so it was easy to pick the ball. But with Shoaib, you could never guess where the hand and the ball will come from.”

“I never feared facing Brett Lee, but with Shoaib, I could not trust what he would do if I hit him twice to the fence. Maybe a beamer or a toe-crushing yorker,” added Sehwag.

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