Latest Cricket News: ‘Shami built running trails on his farm to improve his fitness’

Latest Cricket News

Latest Cricket News: The account of Mohammed Shami’s resurrection is remarkable. Shami 2.0 is a role model for anybody fighting to reach the top, from overcoming personal problems to becoming India’s go-to bowler. Shami’s personal life had taken a knock when he was dealing with fitness concerns about five years ago. In 2018, he wasn’t even considered. After a tumultuous year in which he lost a crucial contract, the way forward seemed bleak.

Shami is still here, a learner, a fitter, and an important member of the Indian team. Shami’s stunning recovery has put him on the fast track to success, as he became the fifth Indian bowler to reach 200 Test wickets on Tuesday. Shami’s journey to redemption, however, was not simple, according to former India batting coach Sanjay Bangar, who shared a motivational anecdote about the 31-year-old India pacer.

“His fitness levels have dipped at one point in 2016 or 2017. In his personal life, he was also going through some difficulties. But he returned and took it seriously that he had not been chosen because of his fitness. I recall him telling me that when he returned at that period – he is someone who owns some agricultural areas in UP – he built a running track on one of those fields and worked on his distance running as well as his speed and agility run. That’s how he regained his bowling fitness “On Byjus’ Cricket Live Show, Bangar stated.

Bangar emphasised how it is obvious when Shami is on the song and when he is not while focusing on the nitty-gritty of Shami’s bowling.

“If you look at Shami… just looking at his running… if he is not at his best then you will find that he is stuttering in his run-up when you look at him pacing through the run-up, placing and running nicely and fluently, you will realise that he has the balance,” pointed out Bangar.

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