Latest Cricket News: Netizens mock umpire Nitin Menon for frequently removing the light metre during the Kanpur Test

Latest Cricket News
Source: BCCI

Latest Cricket News: Cricket umpiring is not an easy job, and it is not a job that everyone enjoys. One bad call could have disastrous consequences for the umpire both on and off the field. The introduction of social media has made life even more difficult for them, and enhanced technology in the game often works against them.

While the advent of DRS has provided some respite to umpires, it has the unintended consequence of exposing their errors in front of the public at times. It can be interpreted both ways since umpires are commended for decisions that are later proven to be correct, while those who are incorrect are frequently criticised. However, there are a variety of different reasons why umpires are commended or chastised when refereeing a game.

On Day 5 of India’s just finished first Test match versus New Zealand, the latter case was observed for legendary Indian umpire Nitin Menon.

As the game neared its conclusion, with India just one wicket away from victory, Nitin Menon, the lone Indian on the ICC Elite Panel of umpires, interrupted the game many times to examine if the light was good enough to continue. While doing so, Nitin took a long time after practically every break in several last overs, resulting in the game losing some critical overs that may have been bowled.

Because India was unable to win the game due to a paucity of overs, Nitin was heavily chastised. While some people chastised him for repeatedly checking the light, others created memes to mock the incident.

Here are some of the best tweets:

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