Latest Cricket News: In Afghanistan, the Taliban has banned IPL transmission

Latest Cricket News
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Latest Cricket News: In the last several days, Afghanistan cricket fans have had nothing but bad luck. They have been forbidden from a variety of forms of entertainment, with the IPL being the most recent addition to the list. The Taliban, who now rule Afghanistan, has issued a warning to Afghan media outlets not to broadcast the second leg of the Indian Premier League due to the presence of ladies in the audience and on the field.

In a Tweet on Tuesday morning, an Afghan journalist notified the public about the situation. “Irrational: The Taliban have prohibited the Indian Premier League (IPL) from being aired in Afghanistan. Due to girls dancing and the presence of female audience and fans in stadiums, the Taliban has instructed Afghan media outlets not to broadcast the Indian Cricket League,” he added in the Tweet.

We are dedicated to preserving and promoting women’s cricket: ACB

The Taliban, in particular, has outlawed women from participating in any type of sporting activity. They have, however, stated that they do not object to guys playing cricket and that they themselves played a match in Kabul after the international forces withdrew. The Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has stated that a solution would be found and that it is committed to growing women’s cricket. “Afghanistan’s new administration is concentrating on its main programmes. They haven’t mentioned anything about women’s cricket, but ACB Chairman Azizullah Fazli stated, “We are dedicated to maintaining and supporting women’s cricket.”

Cricket Australia has indicated that their Test against Afghanistan would have to be rescheduled after it was announced that women will not be allowed to play cricket in Afghanistan. “It is critical for Cricket Australia to drive the worldwide expansion of women’s cricket…. If recent media accusations that Afghanistan would not support women’s cricket are true, Cricket Australia will have no choice but to refuse to host Afghanistan for the proposed Test match in Hobart,” the statement stated. The ACB chairman, on the other hand, stated that the CA communication was the product of a misunderstanding and that they will clear things up.

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