Latest Cricket News: Before the match against RCB, KKR’s Harbhajan Singh says, “Don’t toss your bat after getting out”

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Latest Cricket News: Harbhajan Singh, the veteran spinner, has donned the cricketer’s hat once more. He is still playing with the Kolkata Knight Riders in the Indian Premier League, despite having been out of competitive cricket for some time. Bhajji released a humorous video on social media prior to Kolkata’s season-opening match against Bangalore, advising his colleagues and opponent team not to repeat a similar behaviour at home.

In the video, a hitter and a non-striker have a massive mix-up, resulting in a run-out in a local contest. While the firing itself was humorous, it was what happened afterwards that made it much more so. Adam Ladak, who had only played four balls up until this point, hit a shot to the mid-off area. He immediately ran for a single, with the help of his teammate M Evans. However, after witnessing the ball go straight to the fielder, Ladak changed his mind.

Evans was left stranded in the middle of the pitch, unable to move. As a result of the throw unsettling the stumps at the non-end, the striker’s was run out. Evans swung his bat and lost his grip as it flew and smacked his batting partner as he was walking back to the pavilion. While it may have been a terrible mishap, Ladak escaped serious injury, and the video turned out to be amusing. You believe that everything will be fine in the end.

Bhajji also shared the same video with the description, “After you’ve been thrown out, never chuck your bat. Tonight @iplt20, @kkriders take on @royalchallengersbangalore.”

Check out the video here:

In the first half of the 2021 season, Harbhajan singh appeared in three games for the team. While he was unable to claim a wicket, he was unfortunate to have a few catches dropped off his bowling. It will be fascinating to see if he gets a match in the second half of the competition, given he plays for a side with a lot of spinning alternatives. The 41-year-old, who has played in over 100 Test matches, has already begun to consider a career outside of sports, having dabbled in anchoring, acting, and cricket commentary.

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