For allegedly breaching tournament protocols, KL Rahul and Rashid Khan could be banned from the IPL 2022: Reports

IPL 2022
Source: BCCI/IPL

Tuesday, November 30th, is the deadline for IPL 2022 retention. The old teams were due to publicly disclose the list of players they want to keep for the upcoming tournament, but it appears that the new franchises have thrown a wrench in their plans.

While most teams have been successful in negotiating with players, Punjab Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad appear to have suffered a major setback. KL Rahul of PBKS and Rashid Khan of SRH were reportedly offered contracts worth INR 16 crores and INR 20 crores, respectively, by their existing franchises, but they allegedly turned them down. But why is that?

The suspected participation of Lucknow in the entire issue is one of the key reasons for the duo’s choice, according to reports. According to sources, the new franchise approached the two players this month and offered them lucrative contracts (INR 20 crores for Rahul, INR 16 crores for Rashid), prompting the duo to reject their current clubs’ offers.

PBKS and SRH have filed a complaint with the BCCI

According to reports, Punjab Kings and Sunrisers Hyderabad have contacted the BCCI about the incident, and the body is looking into it. “We haven’t got any letter,” a BCCI insider told InsideSport, “but we have received a verbal complaint from two franchises alleging players poaching by the Lucknow squad.”

“We’re looking into it, and if it turns out to be accurate, we’ll take proper action. We don’t want to upset the equilibrium. When there is severe competition, such things are unavoidable. However, when current teams are attempting to balance everything, it is not fair to them “Added he.

According to the rules, the new franchise is not permitted to approach any of the eight franchises’ players until they have been formally released by them, and the players are not allowed to approach any of the new franchises’ players until they have been legally released by them. This is why, if KL Rahul and Rashid Khan have held negotiations with Lucknow, both the players and the franchise could be jeopardised. If the two players are found guilty of violating the tournament rules, they could face a one-season ban.

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