Cricket News: Sachin on Ashwin, ‘The way he’s able to use his variations has really impressed me’

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Cricket News: Sachin Tendulkar, the former Indian cricketer and batting icon, lavished accolades on veteran Indian bowler Ravichandran Ashwin, describing him as India’s “strike spinner” in Test cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar acknowledged to journalist Boria Majumdar on Backstage with Boria that Ashwin’s incredible use of variations has left him awestruck, something he tried during his matches in the T20 World Cup earlier this month in the UAE.

“I was particularly pleased by Ashwin’s experience and the way he can utilise his variations. Then there’s Jayant, who is a back-up bowler to Ashwin, who is always going to be our strike spinner in Test cricket, but he’s also done well in the T20 World Cup and shown us a lot of variety “Sachin stated.

Sachin also praised India’s bowling attack for the next three-Test series against South Africa, describing it as “well-balanced” due to the availability of various sorts of pacers, and admitting that it has the fire to take all 20 wickets in a Test match.

“It is a well-balanced attack. And the fast bowlers we have are all different types of fast bowlers. Bumrah comes at a different angle. Siraj has developed into a fantastic bowler. Shardul, upfront, likes to swing the ball. You have Umesh. Ishant’s experience will be handy. And it all depends on that given day who is also fit. Because of the number of games we have played and the number of injuries we have also had, we have a couple of spinners missing out due to injuries. But it is also about understanding the bowler’s rhythm. If a bowler is playing well he should be ideally playing as much he can. And what I have seen, we have that fire in our bowling attack to pick 20 wickets,” Sachin explained.

In South African conditions, the veteran batter also instructed pacers to bowl around the off stump and not travel further away from the fourth-stump line, as well as to make good use of the new ball. He wants the Indian attack to make the most of the first 25 overs of the innings by pulling back on their length and bowling away from the batter.

“When it comes to hitting the right areas. I would say it depends a lot on the overhead conditions and the dampness on the surface. And if the ball is swinging I would encourage the bowlers to bowl around the off stump, but not outside off stump, not farther away from the fourth-stump line as it makes batsman’s life easy. He is also reading your wrist position and the way the bowler is releasing the ball. So you don’t want the batter to comfortably leave those deliveries. I would encourage the bowler that if you falter being in line, and getting hit a couple of times for a flick, I would be okay with that, but don’t waste the new ball as it becomes really really important in South Africa. The first 25 overs are really important, when the seam is hard and it’s sticking up, and when it flattens up a bit, I would encourage the bowlers to pull back the length a bit and bowl slightly farther away from the batter. And then depending on how much the pitch is helping, and who is batting, all those factors will come into play to decide the right length and line. And that will vary from session to session,” said Sachin.

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