Cricket News: Kohli’s childhood coach is perplexed by his ward’s absence from press conferences

Cricket News: Kohli’s childhood coach is perplexed by his ward’s absence from press conferences

Cricket News: India’s Test captain has never shied away from answering the media’s tough questions. He not only speaks to the media before and after games but also attends press conferences before and after big series or tournaments. Yet, since the commencement of the India-South Africa Test series, he hasn’t given a single press conference. Rajkumar Sharma, his boyhood coach, thinks it’s strange.

KL Rahul and coach Rahul Dravid were both presents at the Centurion Test’s pre-match news conference. Dravid spoke at both the pre-match and post-match press conferences in Johannesburg, the site of the second Test.

Coach Rajkumar Sharma was chatting to KhelNeeti regarding the recent change in pattern. He stated, ”

“I’m baffled as to why this is happening. I believe the BCCI may have enacted new rules regarding who should address the media, or the media manager may have been granted additional authority, allowing him to decide whether or not the captain should go.

“There has to be a reason why the captain was nowhere to be found before and after both matches.” It’s difficult to determine why this abrupt change occurred, or whether the change occurred on purpose or by chance.”

Sharma joked when asked if the Indian squad is attempting to protect Kohli from the press:

“KL Rahul would have come in the second match if it was about Virat Kohli.” However, KL did not show up, implying that a decision was made to have the coach speak instead of the captain. Even if the coach shows up, I don’t see anything wrong with that.

“As a media manager, you can’t make such a big decision on your own.” It’s certainly shocking because it’s a new phenomenon; the captain used to come earlier but no longer does.”

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