Cricket News: During a women’s cricket match in Ireland, a dog enters the pitch, snatches the ball, and flees with it

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Cricket News: Pitch invasions at cricket matches have been increasingly prevalent in recent years, with ‘Jarvo 69’ doing so on many occasions during India’s Test series against England. The supporters were furious with the ECB and security officers for failing to prevent the interloper from entering the stadium. Now that the Test series has been suspended, something very similar has occurred once more, this time just a few kilometres away in Ireland.

Surprisingly, this was the interruption that the players liked the best because it was cute rather than problematic. The amusing sequence of events occurred during a women’s domestic competition in Ireland, when an unwelcome guest on the field had some fun with the players in the middle, causing the game to be briefly halted.

Who was it who let the dog out?

The game was in a precarious position, with the batting side needing 27 runs off 21 balls and only four wickets in hand. A Leckey, the batter, played the ball down the third-man area and called for a quick two. A dog stormed into the pitch as the fielder chased the ball, shocking everyone.

Surprisingly, the fielder maintained her focus and tossed the ball to the keeper’s end, where the batter could be run out. The keeper had to send the ball back towards the stumps after it got away from him somewhat. The target was missed, and the once-in-a-lifetime chance to run the batter out was lost. But the drama didn’t stop there!

Because the ball missed the stumps, it landed in the path of a dog, who grabbed it and rushed away from everyone. As they said, the on-air commentators burst out laughing as they watched the occurrence “So there you have it! Playing with the dog has come to an end.”

Here’s the amusing incident:

The dog eventually came to a halt at the non-end, the striker’s where a fisher calmly addressed the matter. This is when a young boy, who appeared to be the dog’s owner, came up with the ball and delivered it to the bowling side before removing the dog from the scene.

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