Cricket News: Ben Stokes tosses 14 no-balls in the Ashes 2021-22 opener, but only two are discovered

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Cricket News: On Day 2 of the ongoing first Ashes Test between bitter rivals Australia and England, replays revealed that visitor all-rounder Ben Stokes delivered as many as 14 no-balls, but only two were detected. The controversy arose after the right-arm pacer dismissed David Warner, but replays revealed that the dismissal was a no-ball. However, it was eventually discovered that the player had also overstepped in the previous three deliveries.

Channel 7 highlighted the umpiring gaffe by airing all four of Stokes’ successive deliveries to Warner in the 13th over, including the one that resulted in Warner’s wicket.

Stokes bowled 14 no-balls, but just two of them were discovered, according to the same media site. It’s worth mentioning that, since the ICC’s decision in August, the third umpire is in charge of checking the no-ball.

“The third umpire shall study television replays of the bowler’s front foot landing and, if he/she is convinced that any of these three elements has not been met, he/she shall promptly notify the bowler’s end umpire, who shall in turn call and signal No-ball,” the ICC stated.

According to reports, the equipment used to assist the third umpire in checking the no-ball is not available for the current Ashes series.

Ricky Ponting’s officiating is awful

Ricky Ponting, a former Australian captain, slammed the umpiring, calling it “awful.” “It’s pitiful officiating in my opinion if someone upstairs is supposed to be examining these and hasn’t decided that any of those are no-balls. If (Stokes) was called for a no-ball on the first ball he bowled, he’ll undoubtedly drag his foot back “Channel cited him as saying.

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