Cricket News: Absolute mayhem on the final pitch of an ECS T10 game as batters hilariously avoid being run out

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Cricket News: They believe cricket is a game of razor-thin margins. During a recent European Cricket Series T10 encounter, the same was on exhibit. Despite the fact that the game appeared to be over with the side bowling second having sealed the match, a closer examination of the replays revealed the gaffe they made, which allowed the batters to not only come back for the run but also force the contest into the Golden Ball.

In a video circulating on the internet from a match between the American University of Malta (AUM) and Marsa, AUM needed three runs from one ball to win. However, the side just needed 2 runs to force the game into a Golden Ball.

In the video, the AMU batter fails to make any contact with the ball on the last delivery of the innings, but the non-striker has already sprinted a fair bit by the time the ball reaches the wicketkeeper, indicating how important it was to score off it. When the striker realises what has happened, he runs very slowly, and because the throw is far from the stumps, the batter slips at the non-end strikers before coming back for the second.

Although it appears that he is comfortably out when completing the second run because he still has a long way to go, replays show that the bail had already dropped and they needed to uproot the stumps, which they fail to do, forcing the match into a golden ball.

Marsa, on the other hand, was the eventual winner of the Golden Ball.

Here’s the video:

The Golden Ball is a Super Over variation in which the side batting second must score more than 1 run and is only given one additional ball to determine the winner.

The Golden ball should be bowled by the bowler who bowled the final over. Any hitter who hasn’t been dismissed in the match to this point, whether they are still on the field or have been retired, can face that ball. The team that bowled second is the winner if the team scores only one run or a dot ball.

If the chasing team bowls out and the match is decided by the Golden Ball, the batter who is still unbeaten will bat first, with the last man dismissed at the non-striking end.

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