Shannon Courtenay says Ebanie Bridges should forget about her image

Source : Sky Sports

Shannon Courtenay has warned Ebanie Bridges to concentrate on avoiding a KO punch this week rather than her image. Courtenay is admittedly annoyed by pre-fight comments about Bridges as she targets the WBA belt. The Austrian admitted that more women boxers should embrace their feminity but Courtenay revealed she would rather be remembered for her achievements in the ring.

“Let’s discuss the fight, it’s a world title. I don’t want to discuss the underwear,” Courtenay said. “If that’s her thing, that’s fine. You focus on that but don’t try and drag me into it. Not the fact that I’m just a boxer, I’m a boxing fan, so I’m excited about the fight and I’m sure people, genuine boxing fans, are excited about the fight. Not the weigh-in.”

Bridges revealed that she has found weaknesses in Courtenay’s defence during a shock loss to Rachel Ball. Bridges also said that Courtenay has really good head movement and a right jab. She also revealed her presence on big cards is a testament to her talent. But Courtenay has revealed that she possesses explosiveness that can end the fight before time.


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