Shakur Stevenson knocks out Jamel Herring in 10 rounds in a world super-featherweight title bout

Shakur Stevenson
Source: Skysports

Shakur Stevenson dominated and stopped Jamel Herring in the 10th round of their WBO super-featherweight championship battle in Atlanta on Saturday.

Shakur Stevenson established himself as a true American boxing star with the best performance of his career, becoming an unbeaten two-weight world champion at the age of 24.

He was savage with his combo punches to force the stoppage, having dominated Jamel Herring from the opening bell in what had turned into a match with personal ramifications.

Stevenson had lately joined Herring’s club, along with trainer Brian McIntyre, but they had no response for the young challenger’s quick hands.

Stevenson was hurting Herring and sending him backwards with a jab as early as the second round.

He mixed in clubbing hooks in the third, battering Herring from side to side.

Herring, the former US Marine who forced Carl Frampton to retire earlier this year, was having little luck against his faster, more powerful opponent.

In the fifth round, Stevenson stung him with a series of left hooks, then buckled his legs with a right hook in the sixth.

Stevenson was teeing off at will with four and five punches at a period by the ninth round, and Herring had apparent bruising above his eyes.

At the start of the 10th round, the ringside doctor examined a cut on Herring’s face but allowed him to continue.

Stevenson began stalking him, and a series of pinpoint left hands caused the referee to intervene and call the bout off.

The Olympic silver medalist has now won his biggest professional fight against his most difficult opponent, extending his unbeaten record to 17-0 with the addition of the WBO super-featherweight belt to his résumé.

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