Katie Taylor’s rival Miriam Gutierrez on ‘freedom from the pent-up rage’ of domestic abuse trauma

Source : Sky Sports

“It’s not about toughness,” insists Miriam Gutierrez. She had survived a shellacking from Katie Taylor inside the first round, had been knocked down soon after, and faced an increasingly insurmountable task. Not once did she consider quitting and her bravery, by the end, even shocked Taylor. Gutierrez had already gone through much worse. Fighting the greatest boxer in the world was nothing in comparison to the ordeal she has emerged from to become a source of hope to women suffering similar issues.

“There are bigger blows in life and we aren’t trained to deal with them,” she said. “Nor do we know where they’re going to come from. She was just saying how I wouldn’t fall down. I told her that didn’t even cross my mind.”

After a year without fighting, I felt very nervous. She knew that, which is why she strategically made a fast-paced start which went well for her, but I never give up.” she added. “I have so much passion for this sport that the situation I lived through with a fantastic boxer passed by too quickly. It was already the eighth round by the time it started settling in. Was it difficult to continue until the final bell? Training sessions are worse!”


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