Johnny Nelson and Adam Booth Josh Warrington should have been prevented from suffering ninth round KO

Source : Sky Sports

Josh Warrington should not have been allowed to continue following a torrid fourth round, before a worrying knockout loss, say Adam Booth and Johnny Nelson. The former world champion was on unsteady legs after climbing off the canvas in the fourth, but still fought on bravely until he was sent crashing to the canvas by Mauricio Lara in the ninth round at The SSE Arena in Wembley.

“I would have stopped the fight in the fourth round, and I would have stopped the fight in the fifth round when he walked out,” Booth said. “If I was in his corner, I would have thrown the towel in. You could see from his legs that he hadn’t recovered in the fifth round.”

“He actually got caught with a heavy shot in the first round. He was more disciplined in round two and three, but then with a limited, heavy-handed puncher, stood with his head up in the air trading,” he added. “He paid the price in the fourth round. I don’t think he knew what he was doing from that point on. He didn’t look like he knew where he was and it looked like a knockout waiting to happen, from that point on. I didn’t enjoy watching it, if I’m honest, because I don’t think it should have carried on.”

“I’m a massive fan of The (British) Boxing Board of Control, but they had a stinker tonight,” Nelson said. “I bet Josh Warrington cannot remember anything past the first knockdown. That’s madness. Josh is a fit, fit kid, and his success up to this point has been his engine, his pace, his power, it’s been underestimated. But then when you come across somebody that’s got a dig and you walk straight into that, you’re going to be found wanting and again, I’m worried about this young man.”


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