Jake Paul: According to Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh, the next YouTuber-turned-boxer sensation may be Austin McBroom or Bryce Hall

Jake Paul
Source: Skysports

According to Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh, Austin McBroom has “talent” and Bryce Hall has “innate ability” in the hunt for the new Jake Paul.

Paul, a YouTube sensation, has won his first four professional boxing contests, including a victory against former UFC champion Tyron Woodley.

Paul’s second and third fights were promoted by Kavanaugh, who believes he will find more boxing talent in the realm of online performers.

“You’ll see us build other folks the same way we built Jake Paul,” Kavanaugh said to Sky Sports.

“We have a lot more where Jake Paul came from.

“Right now, I’m keeping an eye on Austin McBroom. We saw him fight a YouTuber, similar to Jake’s first fight.

“Austin? When I look at him and his boxing ability, I believe he is further forward than Jake was when we took him up.

“Bryce Hall, too, I believe, could pull it off. I saw Bryce fight and saw that he has the chin, the movements and that he only trained for three months. What if he was more serious about it? What if he was properly trained? During his training, he stayed in a frat house!

“Bryce has a natural ability that I perceive. He could achieve it if he was willing to eat, sleep, and breathe training.”

In a duel between online platforms, YouTuber McBroom defeated Tik-Toker Hall via stoppage.

Paul’s ring success is currently the highest since his brother, Logan Paul, made YouTuber boxing popular by battling KSI as amateurs and subsequently as pros.

After defeating Woodley, Jake Paul teased a retirement (which lasted only 24 hours), but Kavanaugh believes he can go further.

“I don’t believe he’ll retire.” “Perhaps he’ll take a break,” Kavanaugh speculated.

“He demonstrated that he can fight a real fighter, which is something we’ve never seen before.” He fought a professional boxer.

“What if he was up against the ropes with a pro boxer?” Any professional boxer would have taken advantage of the situation.

“Hopefully, the next time he fights, he faces a professional boxer to show the world that he can really fight.”

“This was an excellent next step.”

“You don’t have to be born a boxer to become a boxer,” Kavanaugh said of the increase of online entertainers joining the ring. ‘Everyone fights for a purpose,’ is our slogan.

“There is no limit if you have the proper reason and your heart is in the right place.” The only restriction is how much effort you put in.

“Is it only because he started later in life that he’s different?” That doesn’t make him any less of a fighter or give him any more advantages than any other boxer.

“Does he have what it takes to be the next Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez?” I’m not sure. But that doesn’t mean he can’t do it because he didn’t start out as a boxer.”

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