Floyd Mayweather’s furious response to Jake Paul was rare loss of composure

Floyd Mayweather's Jake Paul
Source: Sky Sports

A number of members of Floyd Mayweather’s inner circle revealed they have never seen the boxing legend lose his composure like the Jake Paul incident. Jake Paul sparked a brawl when he took Floyd Mayweather’s cap off during a promotional event. Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather will take part in an exhibition bout this weekend. He clashed angrily with Paul which led to a scuffle and the two had to be separated by security. This was one of the very few occasions where Mayweather has lost his composure in front of the media.

“He was really p***ed. I haven’t seen him that p***ed for quite some time,” Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions said. “It was the disrespect of snatching his hat.”

“I have never seen him that angry,” Stephen Espinoza, Showtime president who accompanied Mayweather during the Conor McGregor fight said. “Not even in the McGregor press tour, when it was very personal. It was not arranged or pre-planned by Floyd or his team. I think Jake very much had it pre-planned and capitalized in his own unique way. From the tattoo to the merchandise, to everything he made out of it.”

“From Floyd, I think that in some of the same way that the McGregor press tour changed the perception of that event. It went from being a circus to realizing there’s real animosity there,” he added. “Floyd felt disrespected. He was very angry. He’s not that good an actor, to be quite honest, to show that level of wrath on command for something he wasn’t really angry about, so very much so, it angered him.”

Jake Paul released a mocking apology after the scuffle. He even got a commemorative tattoo along with merchandise to mark the confrontation. Logan Paul even admitted now that Mayweather has even more motivation to punish him this weekend.




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