Floyd Mayweather sets a new goal for boxing


The former world champion has revealed that he wants to maximize the potential of young, black fighters.

The player who finished his career with a flawless 50-0 record, was inspired to coach youngsters after his own coach and uncle Roger Mayweather died in March.

Floyd Mayweather sets a new goal for boxing

Through his company, Mayweather Promotions, which he established way back in 2007, the former champion will start mentoring new talent in the sport of boxing. He currently represents two big name fighters in the lightweight division – Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Devin Haney.

The former champion said, “Listen, it’s obvious, I’m giving back to the sport. At the end of the day, Haney is a black kid that asked for my advice and asked for my help. All I’m doing is helping a young black kid become successful. I’m going to continue to help young black fighters grow. I want the best for all these fighters. And I want the best for Tank, and I want the best for Devin.”

He added, “It’s no different from anyone supporting their own first. Mexicans support Mexicans, Dominicans support Dominicans, Chinese support Chinese, Puerto Ricans support Puerto Ricans. I’m a black American supporting my people first.”

He went on, “Haney and Tank aren’t fighting. Devin Haney is fighting only one more fight at 135. He’s going to 140. Gervonta Davis fights at 130.”



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