Fernando Vargas reveals how fighting sons helped to heal feud with Oscar De La Hoya

Source : Sky Sports

Fernando Vargas still refers to Oscar De La Hoya as the ‘enemy’ but somewhere between the end of his combustible career and the start of his sons’ fighting education, the ‘ferocious’ former champion has found peace. ‘El Feroz’ Vargas sits in front of a boxing ring, sipping a coffee while his three boys flash ice-white smiles and occasionally aim a light-heated riposte in his direction.

“Have I been perfect? No, absolutely not. I don’t think any father does, but I try my best. I never had a dad. My dad was never there. My dad was a drug addict. My dad died a drug addict.” Vargas said. “It was difficult. Even though he wasn’t scared to fight in the streets, but you don’t just show your courage fighting in the streets. You also show your courage as a man by being with your family and taking care of your responsibilities and taking care of your children, because if you don’t do that, you’re not a man to me. You’re not.”

“When people tell me about the Trinidad fight, I only remember bits and pieces of the fight. I told my wife, ‘Baby, did it look bad when I went down? How many times did I go down?'” he added. “She knows that I got knocked down five times and I got up all five, but that doesn’t surprise me, because I know what type of man I am.”



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