Eric Molina says Anthony Joshua conceals his power and can unload bombs at any time to KO Tyson Fury

Source : Sky Sports

Anthony Joshua has learned how to disguise his devastating power and could suddenly unload ‘bombs’ to shock Tyson Fury, says former opponent Eric Molina. The American heavyweight was on the receiving end of Joshua’s explosive punches during an IBF title fight in 2016, with Molina suffering a third-round stoppage loss in Manchester.

“Wilder just cranks and loads up his punch,” Molina said. “It’s a powerful punch, but he shows it in his face and he shows it in his arms. I was able to kind of read those emotions – there were emotions a little bit – better than Joshua. Joshua is just fluid and he hit me with a lot of bombs.”

“The rhythm punches, the combinations. I’ll be honest, you have Joshua, as big as he is, throwing a good three, four, five and six punch combination on you, it’s a lot of pressure in front of you to handle,” he added. “I think while I was able to do so well with Wilder is because Wilder comes with one or two big shots at a time. Once I got away from the first one or the second one, I knew I was okay.”

“Joshua is a very smooth puncher,” said Molina. “He’s a three, four, five and six combination puncher and that is my weakness. It is what it is, Joshua is a great fighter and I actually think that he will defeat Tyson Fury by knockout in a great fight. He’s very fluid with his punches. He’s boom, boom, boom. He doesn’t give away his punches.”


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