Derek Chisora was ‘phenomenal’ in his loss to Joseph Parker, and his future will be decided by him, according to trainer Dave Coldwell

Derek Chisora
Source: Skysports

Derek Chisora was ‘phenomenal’ in a valiant loss to Joseph Parker, and trainer Dave Coldwell says he’s already talking about a rematch in 2022.

Parker won points victory in their rematch in Manchester on Saturday night after overcoming two knockdowns and a count after a tense encounter.

Despite the setback, Chisora has refuted retirement speculation with a social media post, and trainer Coldwell believes the 37-year-old will have the last say on whether he fights again next year.

“In the end, Derek’s decision is Derek’s decision,” Dave Coldwell told Sky Sports. “After what he’s done for the sport, listening to that audience and that reception, that would be the best way for me to go away from it.”

“However, I know Derek does not agree with that.” He’s a self-made man. He enjoys battling and will let everyone know what he plans to do, but he’s already looking ahead to 2022.”

When Parker tried to force a stoppage, Chisora demonstrated incredible recovery abilities, launching furious attacks.

“It was incredible.” “He was really incredible,” Coldwell added.

“Listen, Joseph Parker was outstanding and took advantage of every opportunity that came his way.

“However, I think Derek did a fantastic job; he shattered his body to bits and made it quite difficult for Parker.”

“Every time you thought Derek was in serious trouble, he reappeared with a vengeance. Derek Chisora put forth an outstanding performance, and he remained competitive throughout.

“He may not have won the fight, and Parker may have had the upper hand, but he was competitive, and he made Parker work for every second of it.”

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