Claressa Shields and Savannah Marshall will battle in the ‘greatest female bout of all time’ in mid-2022, according to Ben Shalom

Claressa Shields
Source: Skysports

Savannah Marshall said Claressa Shields does not “get under her skin” and that their fantasy match-up for next year is “on track.”

Claressa Shields will make her UK debut against Ema Kozin on January 29, live on Sky Sports, in a defence of her IBF, WBA, and WBC middleweight titles.

In 2022, she will face WBO champion Savannah Marshall to determine the division’s undisputed champion.

Marshall stated, “It’s on track for the summer.” “It’s on my radar.

“She doesn’t get on my nerves. We’ve been friends for a long time!”

Ben-Shalom, the promoter of BOXXER, said: “Claressa was having trouble finding work since she was so talented.

“She now has a legitimate competitor. Over the next several fights, we’ll see Claressa at her best.

“It will culminate in the greatest female fighter of all-time between those two.

“We want Claressa to defend her championship and Savannah to win a new one.

“They’ll meet in May or June of the following year.

“Savannah will return to Newcastle in February after a hand injury. She’ll be trying to take the next step in her career by winning another championship.”

Shields and Marshall, both undefeated, have signed with Sky Sports Boxing and BOXXER to pursue their collision course.

Marshall defeated Shields in an amateur match nine years ago, and she is the only person to ever defeat the outstanding American, amateur or pro.

Shields won the first of her back-to-back Olympic gold medals as a 17-year-old just months later.

Shields is currently a three-weight world champion and the unchallenged champion in two divisions.

“She needs to hurry up and get over it,” Marshall told Sky Sports after she just lost an MMA battle. She can’t sit in a dark place and cry.

“She hasn’t lost in a long time.”

“If nothing else, I hope it gives her a jolt and puts her back on track.”

Shields just ratcheted up the ante in their feud by disclosing her side of a previously untold sparring incident between them, which dates back to 2016.

“The sparring session was straightforward,” she explained. “The entire time, I had my hands down.” She couldn’t even throw a punch at me.

“The plan was for us to do two rounds and then switch.

“However, I told the coach, ‘No.’ Allow her to remain in this position for four rounds of whupping. I don’t want to change.’

“For four rounds, I pulverised her.”

Marshall’s scathing retort was as follows: “She only fired about 10 shots over the course of the four rounds.

“Is it possible to pummelled someone with only ten shots?

“I’m shocked she didn’t say anything about me being on the canvas!”

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