Carl Frampton retires after stoppage loss to Jamel Herring

Source : Sky Sports

Carl Hampton endured a stoppage loss in the sixth round to Jamel Herring and subsequently announced his retirement from the sport. Frampton was bidding to bear Herring and become the first Irish boxer to win three world titles in three different weight divisions. But this was a task too tough as his camp threw in the towel once he was knocked down twice by Herring.

Herring enjoyed a distinct height advantage and delivered some good blows in the second and third rounds. Frampton then had a shimmer of hope when a cut opened up over Frampton’s right eye in the fourth round. However, his joy was short-lived when he walked straight into a Herring left and dropped to the canvas. Frampton had earlier said that he would retire in case he lost against Herring.

“I’m going to dedicate my life to my family now,” Frampton said. “Boxing has been good to me. It’s also been bad to me but the last few years have been the best years of my career.”

“I just want to go home to my beautiful wife and kids and dedicate my life to them. That’s it,” he added. “I just got beat by the better man. I really struggled to get inside him. He is sharp-shooting, from a distance, and had a perfect game plan. Zero excuses.”


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