Boxing: Tyson Fury adds to the speculation regarding his physical condition by insisting that weight doesn’t matter in the Deontay Wilder fight


Boxing: Tyson Fury has increased speculation about his physical condition by claiming that his weight “doesn’t matter” ahead of his world title fight against Deontay Wilder.

For his rematch triumph against Wilder last February, the British star weighed in at 19th 7lbs, 16.5lbs higher than for their first bout, which ended in a draw in December 2018.

However, Fury downplayed the significance of Friday night’s weigh-in ahead of his third WBC heavyweight title bout against Wilder this weekend in Las Vegas.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re heavier, smaller, or anything else to beat anybody,” Fury told Sky Sports.

“You can weigh 14 stone and knock a 25 stone man spark out.” The weight doesn’t really matter.

“I’m not trying to lose weight.

“I’m just consuming a lot of food. I’ve worked hard enough, and that’s all there is to it.

“I weigh in at whatever I weigh that night.”

Wilder weighed in at a career-high 16th 7lbs for their rematch, 17.5lbs more than in their first fight.

However, Oleksandr Usyk, a former cruiserweight champion, recently overcame size and weight limitations to upset unified champion, Anthony Joshua, on points.

When asked about his own dread of losing, Fury told Sky Sports: “It is not an option to fail. All I have to do now is go in there and do what I do best. That’s all. Nothing more, nothing less.

“What is meant to be will be, and what is not meant to be will not be.

“I’m going in there; I’ve completed all of my training; the rest is up to God.

Wilder: We are about to face retaliation.

This weekend’s fight, according to Wilder, will be a “defining moment for myself and my career.”

He stated: “I had a lot of emotions building up to my previous outing, and we’re ready for retribution. The day of vengeance has arrived.”

During this week’s training, both boxers have threatened knockouts, but Wilder has stated that he will not be overly focused on one game plan.

“It’s always the intention to knock him out,” he explained. “I don’t go in hoping to win.

“But I’m not going in with the intention of simply knocking him out. When I do that and concentrate on one subject, it sometimes clouds my mind to the point that I can’t think. When your thinking is confused, you can make poor judgement and conclusions.

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