Boxing Tournament: Tommy Fury’s retirement has been dubbed an “embarrassment” by Jake Paul

Boxing Tournament
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Boxing Tournament: Tommy Fury “cracked and attempted to find a way out” when he pulled out of their scheduled fight due to injury, according to Jake Paul.

Due to a severe chest infection and a damaged rib, Fury withdrew and will be replaced by Tyron Woodley on December 18; he said he was “heartbroken” and planned to fight Paul in 2022.

Paul, a YouTuber-turned-undefeated boxer, has retaliated: “It’s a disgrace for the Furys.

“‘We’d fight Jake with a broken rib and our arms tied behind our backs,’ they added.

“They withdrew when it came down to fighting.”

In response to his competitor Fury’s injuries, Paul said: “Everything about that family makes me suspicious.

“He has never achieved anything on his own. It is only because of his brother that he is who he is.

“He’s spent his entire life with a silver spoon in his mouth.

“His brother has made him famous.

“He’s never faced a true challenge.” All of his opponents were supposed to lose.

“The [trash talk], the pressure, I’m a scary guy to fight.” What is the point of it all? He broke down and looked for a way out.

“I am certain about it.”

Since switching from YouTube to the ring, Paul has won all four of his boxing contests.

In seven fights, the younger brother of WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has gone undefeated.

When asked if Fury’s departure made him reconsider rescheduling their fight for next year, Paul answered, “It does.” He failed to show up for a press conference, and as a result, he has been removed from the fight.

“He’s done a poor job of publicising the battle.” He isn’t as famous as everyone assumed.

“I’m not fond of them.” I despise spending time with my family. They’re sneaky, and they’re sketchy.

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