Boxing: Tommy Fury threatens Jake Paul that he will be knocked out in the first round: ‘He will realise that I’m not a YouTuber’

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Boxing: When they got into a bad-tempered quarrel ahead of their grudge fight, Tommy Fury determined to prove his talents by knocking out Jake Paul inside one round.

On Wednesday, Paul stood in a pool with Fury and shouted back-and-forth during a press conference before their feud, which began on social media, is settled inside the ring on December 18.

Tommy Fury stated, “Talking doesn’t win fights.” “I’m not involved in any of this because I’m uninterested.”

“I don’t care about Instagram, so I don’t use it.”

“He’ll realise I’m not a YouTuber when he jumps through the ropes.”

“Poor old Jake Paul will get severely knocked out,” WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury, who is also working as his younger brother’s trainer for this fight, claimed.

“[Jake and Logan Paul] aren’t fighters,” says the narrator. Tommy is going to knock him out next week.”

“He doesn’t have a chin,” Paul retorted. Nobody has ever hit him hard in his life.

“He has never fought anyone.” He wasn’t even capable of cracking an egg!”

“I showed up with four people to his after-party following our last fights on the same card,” Tommy Fury claimed.

“What did he do when I saw him?” He didn’t take any action. ‘Please leave,’ he sent a security guard over.

“He’ll find his level when he gets in the ring with me.” In the first round, he’ll be eliminated.”

“Tommy is a fan of mine,” Paul replied. In 2017, he requested a photograph from me.”

“I asked [Jake’s brother] Logan Paul!” Tommy Fury retorted. You’re surviving on the name of your brother!”

Paul stated that his training camp was longer and had a greater quality of sparring partners than Fury’s, and he insulted his opponent’s father, John.

“You’re living vicariously via your sons,” Paul said to John Fury.

Since going professional, YouTube sensation Paul has won all four of his boxing contests, most recently defeating two ex-UFC fighters.

Tommy Fury has won all seven of his professional fights.

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