Boxing: ‘Prince’ Charles Martin, who explains how to fight negotiations twice flopped, claims Deontay Wilder ‘lacks in a number of areas’

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Boxing: According to ‘Prince’ Charles Martin, Deontay Wilder would not have landed his hallmark knockout punch if discussions had ended in a fight.

Until Wilder won an arbitration lawsuit, which led to his trilogy fight with Tyson Fury, the two American heavyweights were in talks to fight inside the ring in 2020.

Instead, Martin will make his comeback on January 1 against Luis Ortiz in an IBF eliminator that will have repercussions for the world title picture.

“It would have been a fantastic opportunity,” Martin said of facing Wilder in what would have been a rematch of former world heavyweight champions.

“I’d always known there was a chance things wouldn’t go my way, but I’d mentally prepared myself anyhow.”

“I was able to approach it as if it were a championship bout.” Even though I knew there was a chance it wouldn’t work out, I gave it my all.”

Martin, an ex-IBF champion, had this to say about Wilder: “He is lacking in a number of categories.

“It’s quite difficult to hit me. You won’t be able to hit me flush since I never enter [straight].

“I’m always planning ahead.”

Martin was recently linked to another former world heavyweight champion, Andy Ruiz Jr.

However, the battle was called off when Ruiz Jr, the first man to defeat Anthony Joshua, required knee surgery.

“I sent him a personal DM, and he didn’t read it,” Martin said of Ruiz Jr.

“We had been preparing for it. What’s the next step? He underwent surgery.

“Now I’m hoping for no erroneous phone calls claiming Ortiz is hurt.

“Andy was well aware that I would have whupped his behind. That’s why he didn’t respond to my question.

“He didn’t want to fight me because he knew he didn’t want to.”

Martin’s most recent fight was a one-punch knockout of former world championship challenger Gerald Washington, which was his most remarkable performance to date.

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