Boxing: On beating Luis Ortiz and watching Anthony Joshua lose, ‘Prince’ Charles Martin says: ‘Karma’ means ‘what goes around comes around’

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Boxing: ‘Prince’ Charles Martin has had a restless night and is grumpy, but he claims it isn’t due to his return to the ring being over-analyzed.

“I don’t have a single grey hair on my head,” he jokes.

When Martin waltzed to the ring as the defending world heavyweight champion to fight challenger Anthony Joshua, there was once a crown atop his immaculate dreadlocks.

But that is no longer the case.

Martin has left behind his undesirable tag as the second-shortest reigning champion ever after a five-and-a-half-year rollercoaster. He’s quietly re-emerged, and a win over Luis Ortiz on January 1 would be his best ever.

During his three-month reign as IBF champion, the man who survived a shooting and published a hip-hop album thinks that age and experience have made him a more dangerous opponent.

He tells Sky Sports, “People should know that my head is in a good place.” “Man, I live a healthy lifestyle. I am responsible for my children and family.

“I arrive at training camp at the proper weight, the weight at which I will fight. I’m happy and active every day.

“When I’m not at the boxing gym, I work out in my garage.” Then they say, ‘Woah!’ when I walk into the boxing gym.”

Martin’s weakness was always fast food.

He shakes his head and says, “My physique is so great and remarkable that I would eat a ‘Jack in the Box and then immediately spar eight rounds.”

“However, I am unable to do so at this time.” You must choose your poison and remain logical. I’m getting on in years.

“I used to eat ‘Krispy Kreme’ doughnuts,” says the author. I ate cheesecake after a quarrel. Now? That’s something I don’t touch. I’m not a fan of oily foods.”

Martin spent time training with Andy Ruiz Jr. during his recovery following his loss to Joshua in 2016. By stunning Joshua, he saw his pal become Mexico’s first-ever heavyweight champion.

Over the next six months, he seldom saw Ruiz Jr in the gym before the titles were relinquished.

Martin has his own ghosts regarding the brevity of his time at boxing’s summit, which he has relived via Ruiz Jr’s struggles.

When asked how much indiscipline cost Ruiz Jr, Martin responds, “It cost him a lot of money.” “That was undeniably obvious. He wasn’t a part of it. It was visible to all of us. He was surrounded by far too much activity.”

Manny Robles, the man who sat glumly after being in Ruiz Jr’s corner for the fight with Joshua, is now training Martin. Robles was furious when Ruiz Jr blamed his setback on “partying,” later telling Sky Sports: “You can’t persuade someone to want anything.”

Perhaps Robles is the ideal match for a re-energized Martin, who is coming off a career-best knockout of Gerald Washington at the age of 35.

“Some fighters don’t get disciplined until it’s too late,” adds Martin. “However, the window hasn’t yet closed on me.”

He’s seen his old foe Joshua lose twice, the first to Ruiz Jr and the second to Oleksandr Usyk.

Martin describes Joshua’s first setback as “rumours spread that the dude was harmed.” “[Before I fought Joshua], I was wounded].

“As the saying goes, what goes around comes around. It’s known as karma.

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