Boxing News: With George Kambosos Jr.’s victory over Teofimo Lopez, Vasiliy Lomachenko returns to the lightweight division

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Boxing News: The lightweight division’s hype has arguably overlooked the impending presence of a former king, with its youthful, ambitious opponents and fresh faces throwing up unexpected twists.

Vasiliy Lomachenko, the boxing legend who returns to the ring on Saturday night, has the potential to stymie this new generation.

Last year, he was unceremoniously knocked from his perch when Teofimo Lopez outpointed him in a bout for the division’s major belts.

“A rematch will not be held. They would never have given me the opportunity if I had lost, therefore I’m not doing it “Lopez’s reluctance to fight Lomachenko again was palpable.

For a time, the great Ukrainian with unearthly abilities was trapped in purgatory, on the outside looking in at a champion who would never accommodate him again.

In the same way that ‘Sugar’ Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Roberto Duran, and Thomas Hearns once promised an era of sensational fights between them, ‘The Four Kings’ re-emerged – young, unbeaten vibrant Americans Lopez, Devin Haney, Gervonta Davis, and Ryan Garcia seemed to promise an era of sensational fights between them.

Everything changed all of a sudden.

Lopez finds himself on the canvas against George Kambosos Jr, the plucky Australian underdog, in his first round of boxing since defeating Lomachenko. Lopez was unable to reclaim control, and his title reign came to an end before it had really begun.

Kambosos Jr is the unexpected new king; he sat ringside this past weekend to watch Haney and Davis maintain their respective WBC and WBA championships.

Before his rematch with Richard Commey, Lomachenko has a new objective that even he didn’t see coming.

“We’ll see,” he says of Kambosos Jr. to Sky Sports. “Of course, I’m looking forward to this fight.

“I gave Kambosos a chance before the fight, but I thought Lopez would win.”

Lomachenko is a three-weight world champion who unified the WBA, WBC, and WBO lightweight championships in the United Kingdom when he defeated Luke Campbell, the winner of the second of his two straight Olympic gold medals in a glittering career that may still have chapters to write at the age of 33.

He cautions, “Belts – it’s my ambition in boxing.” “It’s the unquestioned world champion right now.” This is what drives me.”

He is hesitant to discuss targeting Kambosos Jr just days before his upcoming battle with Commey. He’s curious if Lopez missed Kambosos Jr by trash-talking Josh Taylor, and he doesn’t want to make the same mistake.

“Perhaps no one knows,” Lomachenko speculates. “Only Lopez’s family…” says the narrator.

Perhaps a jab at Lopez Senior, the arrogant father of the former champion, whose behaviour and instructions in the corner were criticised in the aftermath of his son’s loss.

Lomachenko most recently defeated Masayoshi Nakatani, a challenger who fought Lopez for the entire 12 rounds.

Lopez will face Commey on Saturday night, who Lopez defeated in two rounds.

It’s no coincidence that he’s attempting to make an example of Lopez without having to wrestle him again.

Meanwhile, in a sophisticated lightweight scene, Haney and Davis are wearing belts.

“You almost lost,” Garcia said of Davis’ victory on Sunday night.

The other options, according to Davis, are “easy work.”

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