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Boxing News: In this article, we want to highlight a young boxer who is widely regarded as the future superstar of the Australian boxing scene by many experts. We’re talking about Brock Jarvis, a 23-year-old featherweight athlete from Sydney who is trained by Jeff Fenech, unquestionably Australia’s best boxer of all time, having won World Championships in three separate weight classes, according to the world’s most popular betting tips websites.

The beginnings of Brock Jarvis

Boxing was not Jarvis’s initial sporting passion; until the age of 15, he aspired to be a professional rugby player. He went to the Cronulla gym with his colleagues to incorporate the specific training, as well as basic boxing 101 fundamentals, in order to enhance his physique and have better performances on the rugby pitch.

Jarvis gradually becomes acquainted with this new sport and training routine, having a lot of fun, working hard, and dedicating himself totally to boxing, despite the fact that his weight and body would not enable him to play rugby professionally.

Given the boy’s talent and love for boxing, his father took Brock Jarvis to see Jeff Fenech, a family friend since Brock’s grandmother was the champion’s trusted nutritionist while he was a professional fighter when he was 16 years old. Given Jarvis’ skill despite his adolescent stature, the former Australian boxer took the lad under his care from that point forward.

Jarvis made his professional debut in 2015

In December 2015, at the age of 18, he had his professional debut, which took place in Bangkok (Tha), where he defeated Ekkawit Thongmee on points. Brock Jarvis won the IBF Youth Bantamweight Belt by KO in the fifth round against Philip Luis Cuerdo in March 2019 in Australia.

Brock Jarvis – Returning to the ring following the global epidemic

Brock Jarvis returned to the ring on December 11, 2020, in Canberra, after a year of absence due to the Covid 19 health issue, knocking out unbeaten compatriot Mark Schleibs in the fifth round, winning the WBO Global and IBF Pan Pacific Belts in the featherweights category. Jarvis’ performance was more than persuasive, and his star shone brightly despite his inactivity during the Covid 19 incident.

“Even though he is still a newbie, Brock continues to improve match every match. With him, we must take things one step at a time, never putting the cart before the horse. We’ll go battle in the United States as soon as this awful virus is done.”

D&L Events, created by Dean Lonergan, is currently managing Brock Jarvis’ career. Lonergan handles the “next big thing” in the heavyweight’s category, Justis Huni, and has extensive industry experience. In 2017, he planned Manny Pacquiao vs. Jeff Horn’s WBO welterweight fight in Brisbane.

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