Boxing News: Tyron Woodley will receive a $500k bonus if he wins by knockout in this weekend’s rematch, according to Jake Paul

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Boxing News: Tyron Woodley has been given an extra $500,000 if he wins their rematch by knockout, with YouTuber Jake Paul dismissing claims about his initial victory angrily.

In August, the social media sensation overcame Woodley by split decision to keep his perfect record intact, and the two will meet again in Tampa on Saturday.

Woodley has taken the place of Tommy Fury, who was forced to withdraw from his bout versus Paul this weekend due to a severe chest illness and a broken rib.

“You know, I was simply thinking to myself,” Paul explained. “It’s amusing how these pros, such as Tommy Fury, a professional boxer, get sick, break a rib, and refuse to fight.

“I’ve battled illness and injury. You have to get in there and do the job before they say, ‘You’ve got Tyron Woodley now.’

“It’s no problem. That’s why I’m wearing a ski mask. They’re going to give me a huge bag and tell me to go beat up on the man I already beat up on. This is a robbery of a bank.”

In reaction to rumours that Woodley’s opponent was not allowed to deliver a stoppage win, Paul revealed that Woodley will receive an additional $500,000 if he wins by knockout.

“Raise the stakes, show there’s no knockout clause,” Paul added.

“People who believe that are stupid, and I’m ready to bet money on it. That is all there is to it.”

Although Woodley had stunned Paul in the fourth round of their first fight, he said he was apprehensive of the YouTuber-turned-threat. boxer’s

“You watch Jake’s fights, you watch him knock out Nate Robinson, you watch him knock out Ben Askren, he wasn’t really looking at them at the time,” Woodley added.

“They proceeded forward, and he appeared to be about to unload on Ben’s body before leaping over the top.

“Nate dashed in and grabbed a right hand.

“You must show respect for those in positions of power. I’m not going to sit here and pretend he doesn’t have any authority. He wields power, and I wield power as well. That is why you want to see this fight once more.”

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