Boxing News: Tyron Woodley claims he ‘doesn’t give a damn’ why Tommy Fury’s withdrawal set up a rematch with Jake Paul

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Boxing News: Tyron Woodley ‘doesn’t care if Tommy Fury’s withdrawal set up his rematch with Jake Paul because all he wants is to exact excruciating vengeance on the YouTuber.

After Fury withdrew from a scheduled bout on December 18 due to a severe chest illness and a broken rib, the former UFC champion quickly agreed to a rematch with Paul.

Woodley lost a split decision to Fury in their first fight in August and believes he was entitled to a rematch, regardless of whether a substitute was required.

“I don’t know the circumstances, and I’m not sure what his position is,” Woodley added.

“To be honest, I believe everything happened the way it was supposed to.” This seems like a battle that should have happened anyway. This is a fight that is generating increasing interest.

“It’s sort of ironic that the fight was scheduled for December 18 when more people were talking about a rematch between me and Jake anyway, so I believe things happen in their own time and on purpose.

“I never want ill will on anyone. I don’t want anyone to get wounded, so I’ll take the initiative. I’m not sure what to say about Tommy Fury. I’m not in his camp, I don’t know him, and to be honest, I couldn’t care less about his reasons for refusing to fight.

“I’m just here, ready and eager to walk out there and knock his head off,” says the narrator.

Since turning professional, the YouTuber turned boxer has added to Woodley’s record of four victories, a result that continues to enrage the MMA fighter.

“You don’t get a chance to go back and redo something very often,” Woodley added.

“‘Like dang dude, I feel like I won the fight,’ you might think as you sit there with regrets. Maybe if I had thrown a few more punches here, I could have done this a little bit differently.’

“Now I have the ability to undo what I’ve already done, which is something that motivates me without any more funds or a sold-out crowd.

“Jake Paul’s ability to stroll around and claim he beat me boils my skin, blood, and everything inside my body. I’m attempting to go out there and state unequivocally that I am the better fighter and puncher.”

Woodley is certain that he will find a finishing punch in the rematch after stabbing Paul with a right hand in the fourth round.

“I’m calling that a knockout,” he remarked. “How much harm he can take, how much violence he can withstand, and the openings all influence when that happens.”

“I’m not just going to sit here and predict that I’ll knock him out in the first round.” I’m not going to reveal my strategy.

“It’s actually based on what I’d do if I were in his shoes.” I’m going to base my strategy on that. I don’t think he’ll open up and give significant openings in the first round, so I’ll be on the lookout for them.

“If they’re there, I’ll take them,” he says, “but I think this fight will conclude in a knockout.”

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