Boxing News: Tommy Welch believes he’s saving his real ugly side for British heavyweight competitors

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Boxing News: “I won’t have to show my true nastiness. That’ll have to wait for the older boys “As he looks to extend his astonishing record on Friday night, Tommy Welch delivers a warning to British heavyweight opponents.

Tommy Welch believes he’ll save his “true nasty side” for British heavyweight opponents, but he intends to add another “extremely spiteful” win to his devastating record.

Welch will fight Spaniard Alvaro Terrero in Coventry on Friday night, and he hopes to continue his rapid rise in the professional ranks.

The unbeaten 26-year-old boasts three knockouts in three months but claims that precise blows, not overwhelming power, have defeated his opponents.

Welch told Sky Sports, “I believe the train is moving and I’m on my way to my next location.” “If there are any impediments in my way, I’m going to mow them down.

“It’s more about timing than strength. I’m stopping people in the gym, and I’m stopping people late at night because I have the power.

“I should be able to time some decent shots on this guy if he comes to mix it as I’m expecting.”

Welch told Sky Sports about his cutthroat impulses when asked about the “Very vindictive!

“I’ve maintained a cool and collected demeanour. To be honest, I simply have to worry about my job. I’m not going to be too unpleasant until it’s really necessary.

“I won’t have to show my true nastiness.” That’ll have to wait until the older boys.”

Welch is unconcerned about travelling to hostile terrain, having won in Belgium and Italy in a flash this summer.

Welch believes he is gaining the proper training to become a dominant champion by fighting for the title.

“Aim for a score of around 10-0 and then look for some silverware,” Welch said.

“I don’t mind going anywhere, at any time, in any place.

“When you go to their backyard, it hardens you.” You can fight anywhere if you can fight in someone’s back garden.

“I’m growing as a person as a result of this experience.” We’re not being mollycoddled in a single location by a single crew.

“I’ve appeared on both small and large scale shows. It doesn’t matter where the job is completed; it will be completed.”

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