Boxing News: The imposing body of Anthony Joshua will be exposed soon, but is he built for speed or power?

Boxing News

Boxing News: At today’s weigh-in, Anthony Joshua’s frightening physique will be on show, but has he prepared his body for speed or power? The expert panel has reached a decision…

At today’s weigh-in, Britain’s heavyweight hero will square off against Oleksandr Usyk for the final time before their world title battle on Saturday night.

But has Joshua bulked up or slimmed down in preparation for his confrontation with Usyk?

Adam Smith

In Sheffield, I had the opportunity to observe Anthony Joshua spar. He appears to be light, slim, and mobile. AJ has used his sparring sessions to test things out, and he appears to be in great spirits

When he fights Carlos Takam, I don’t expect him to be anywhere near his career-heaviest weight. AJ weighed in at around 17th 3lbs for Joseph Parker, and I expect him to weigh in at around 17th 3lbs to 17th 6lbs. I believe he is at his finest at that weight.

Matthew Macklin

AJ has been significantly lighter in his last two fights, the rematch with Ruiz Jr and the battle with Pulev. Joshua, I believe, has realised he’s been a tad too big and fat. He now wants to improve his quickness, punch combos, and focus on his jab. It’s not just a matter of blasting folks out.

Joshua now understands what his ideal weight is. He doesn’t want to go too light because he doesn’t want to lose a lot of muscle mass. However, you do not want to be carrying unneeded excess weight.

Carl Froch

Joshua can tell when he’s been carrying too much weight. I believe he would have performed better if he had weighed around 17st, as he did for the Pulev fight.

If AJ comes in heavy, he’ll reveal his strategy. Usyk is also expected to gain weight, which I believe will be a mistake.

If AJ comes in much lighter, he’ll try to box and move, which is something I’d be concerned about. If he comes in strong, he’ll try to annihilate Usyk and smash him to bits.

Johnny Nelson

I’ve seen AJ, and he appears to be sleek and powerful. AJ appears to be an athletic heavyweight, thus I expect him to go the entire 12 rounds. He truly customises his training to the opponent he is facing.

He’ll be up against a lighter, faster, and more nimble opponent, so he’ll have to counter that while maintaining his heavyweight power. I believe AJ has discovered the right weight for him.

George Groves

Joshua is a huge, powerful man, regardless of whether he’s nearing the peak of his career weight or not. He’ll most likely weigh in around the same as he did for Kubrat Pulev. Because he has to fight with Usyk’s evasive technique, he doesn’t need to be much heavier.

I believe Joshua will want to be light enough to avoid Usyk simply throwing punches at him. When you’re heavier, you usually have more punch resistance, but you also have less mobility.

David Coldwell

I believe AJ must consider what will enable him to be athletic and have quick feet. If he has sluggish feet or appears ponderous in any manner until the mid-rounds arrive, that will play into Usyk’s hands.

When you look at his boxing ability throughout the last two fights, you can see that he’s growing better, smoother, and more precise with his movement. AJ is feinting more and altering his strikes, and he can’t be too heavy to do that.

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