Boxing News: Savannah Marshall on Claressa Shields’ MMA defeat: ‘Hurry up and get over it before making a boxing comeback

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Boxing News: Savannah Marshall responded to Claressa Shields’ MMA setback by saying, “she can’t sit around sobbing” because she is about to return to the boxing ring.

Shields was lost in her second MMA bout on Wednesday night, losing a split decision after being out-wrestled by Abigail Montes. It was Shields’ first loss since an amateur fight with Marshall in 2012.

She is due to return to the ring alongside Marshall on December 11 in the UK, before colliding next year in what will be the biggest women’s boxing bout of all time.

“She needs to get over it quickly,” Marshall told Sky Sports. “She can’t sit there wailing in the dark.”

“She must resume her preparations for December 11th.

“It’s been a long time since she’s suffered a setback.

“If anything, I hope it gives her a jolt and puts her back on track.”

Shields has responded to Jake Paul, who said, “Shields is a loser, in MMA and even more so with her prima donna attitude.”

She answered to the boxer-turned-YouTuber: “This is amusing. You come running when I lose a split decision in a whole new realm of MMA but never once said, ‘Congratulations on what you’ve done and aspire to do.’

“Jake, there are two things that remain. I still fight better than you, and you will never achieve ten per cent of what I have in boxing or in life.

“I battled a true MMA fighter, but Jake is yet to meet a professional boxer in boxing.”

Dmitry Salita, Shields’ boxing promoter, told Sky Sports: “She will take a few days off before returning to John David Jackson’s training camp to prepare for her UK boxing debut. That will be fantastic!”

Shields’ illustrious boxing career has seen her win two Olympic gold medals, three world championships, and two uncontested titles. She refers to herself as the GWOAT (Greatest Woman of All-Time).

She made her MMA debut earlier this year and has pledged to compete again in the Professional Fighters League.

“In Claressa’s defence, she was at a stage where the fight with me looked a million miles away, and she had beaten everyone in front of her,” Marshall said of her rival’s decision to MMA.

“She probably thought, ‘There’s nothing left in boxing for me.'”

“However, MMA isn’t like boxing. An MMA fighter with an unblemished record is extremely rare.

“It’s a bit of a risky move.”

“Kudos to her for giving it a shot. She attempted to be great but fell short.

“She is going to live and learn.”

Shields had this to say about her MMA defeat: “I didn’t get my ass whooped because of a split decision. I also got better. All I’m going to do now is go back to the drawing board and continue to study. Nobody said this path would be easy. MMA is new to me; after only nine months of training, I’m fighting on an international stage.

“I’ll return to boxing in December to extend my unbeaten streak.

“And don’t worry, MMA, we’re not done yet! I’ve got a surprise for you next year! It’s on right now! You got my attention with this one! Watch out for my next MMA fight; I’ll be on another level! Not at all discouraged!”

Shields is set to defend her IBF, WBA, and WBC middleweight titles on December 11 against mandatory challenger Ema Kozin.

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