Boxing News: ‘More people are going to sit up and pay notice,’ says Bradley Rea of his rising threat in the middleweight division

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Boxing News: Bradley Rea claims to be the secret threat at middleweight but believes his British opponents are already aware of his brutal intentions following a blistering stoppage win.

The 23-year-old showed his merciless instincts by flooring Lee Cutler three times in a first-round victory in March, and he returns this Saturday on Sky Sports’ Hughie Fury vs Christian Hammer card.

Rea is a rising contender in a domestic category that features world championship contenders such as Chis Eubank Jr. and Liam Williams, but he wants to build on his reputation with another shocking victory.

“It hasn’t been easy, but I’m finally ready to break out now,” Rea said.

“A lot of people didn’t know who I was until my final bout, but they realised the secret was getting out.” More people will undoubtedly sit up and take note in the coming months.

“I’m a large guy when it comes to weight. I had a good win the previous time. There are several excellent fighters in the division, and there are some tremendous fights to be had.

“I believe I’m fooling you. Many people will see me and think, ‘Tall, slender, ginger youngster.’ Not much going on.

“But I can fight, I can truly fight.” I’m good at blending styles. “No matter what, I’m always in fascinating battles.”

Rea, who has a 10-bout unbeaten record, is getting closer to a title battle, and he intends to go after the existing champs.

“It’s great because I’m only now getting to the point where I’m being discussed alongside these other lads,” he remarked.

“Prior to that, I wasn’t true; I was a step below. They will, however, be staring at me, with one eye on me, and maybe concerned.

“I’ve desired the British title since I was eight years old. It’s always been a dream of mine. That is the goal for the next few years. I’d like to pick up some titles on the way. I appreciate the concept of taking the traditional method. Commonwealth, English, and British

“Whoever owns those titles, whoever is in the way, I’m willing to create those fights.”

As one of Manchester’s most promising new players, Rea is keen to follow in the footsteps of Ricky Hatton and Anthony Crolla, who drew legions of fans with their thrilling title victories.

“Boxing at a sold-out Manchester Arena has been my ambition since I was a little kid,” Rea stated. “I was able to cross it off the list.

“I truly believe I have a style that people can rally around and help me establish a bit of a following.” Hopefully, one day, we’ll be able to just sell the home as Ricky and Ant did.”

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