Boxing News: Joe Pigford believes British opponents must fight him or move out of the way’ as he prepares to launch a title challenge

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Boxing News: Joe Pigford claims that his scary knockout record has discouraged British opponents, but he is ready to start a title challenge after joining forces with the new promotional team Boxxer.

Pigford has demonstrated his devastating punching in 17 victories, with 16 knockouts, leading up to his bout against Isaac Aryee on the Eubank Jr vs Muratov card this Saturday.

The 28-year-old believes he has been shunned by other domestic candidates, in part because of his ruthless image, but he now hopes to climb the rankings with the help of his new promoter.

Pigford stated to Sky Sports: “I’ve been working out and staying healthy, and every now and then I’d receive a phone call asking, ‘Would you accept this fight with one of the boys in the top 10 for a title?’

“Yes, I would say. I’ll be in the gym getting ready for it, only to find out they don’t want it. Most likely as a result of my knockouts.”

It’s been made much more difficult by knocking everyone out.

“I want to put them in a situation where they won’t be able to say no.

“I can be terrible for ten rounds, but all it takes is a good 10 seconds for everything to change.

“That irritates people. They’d rather fight a boxer who doesn’t knock people out and lose on points than get knocked out in front of all their friends.

“We’ll acquire bouts and opponents, I’ll rise through the ranks, and eventually people will have to fight me.

“They can move out of the way if they don’t want to fight me, and I’ll fight someone else.”

Pigford competes in a weight class that also includes Liam Smith, Anthony Fowler, Ted Cheeseman, and Kieran Conway.

But the Southampton guy is confident that he can establish himself as the greatest in the country.

“All bouts I’d like to take, all fights that interest me,” Pigford said to Sky Sports.

“The frustration of wanting to be in those fights and believing I’m better than them but being unable to participate.

“I’ve taken a back seat, stayed in the gym, and worked hard for an opportunity like this.”

“You can call me delusory, but I’m convinced that I’ll beat whoever I’m paired up against.”

“After the inactivity, I’ll be at the level of the boys fighting for the British title in six months.”

“I’m always confident in my ability to defeat them.” It’s simply waiting for the appropriate moment.”

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