Boxing News: Jared Anderson “the future of heavyweight” and could be America’s No. 1 year from now, says Bob Arum

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Boxing News: Jared Anderson could establish himself as America’s top heavyweight in 2022 and eventually take over the entire division, says promoter Bob Arum.

The amazing Anderson returns to the ring in the wee hours of Sunday morning live on Sky Sports to meet Oleksandr Teslenko.

When asked if Anderson could replace Deontay Wilder or Andy Ruiz Jr. as America’s most dangerous heavyweight in the coming year, top-rank promoter Arum told Sky Sports, “I think it does. Authority from Tyson Fury, with whom Jared was a sparring partner during two fights from Deontay Wilder.

“Next year Jared will be fighting big names.

” He’s a young man, just 22, and I think he’s the future of heavyweight.

“Jared has great skills, but great habits too. He’s an athlete in every sense of the word.”

Ohio standout Anderson has been knocked out in each of his first 10 fights. Sky Sports: “I think it could be the next big thing when Tyson is gone.

“But the boy is only 22 years old. He still has a little work to do.

“He’s the only one that stands out to me. All these other guys? They’re all on the same level.”

Anderson was brought to Fury’s camp as a sparring partner as a teenager to emulate Wilder.

“If you were me Then you have some speed and technique. “Anderson told Sky Sports at the time.

” I knew if he could beat me he could definitely hit Wilder. “Kingsley Ibeh.

Anderson told Sky Sports, as did Fury personally praised him: “He said, ‘I really think you will take my place.’He definitely told me a couple of times. ”

The competition will increase in the next 12 months as Anderson continues his rapid ascent.

He warned future rivals of Fury’s prediction,” They can either be careful or they can run at the top.

“Listen to what he said.

” Earn money with other fighters or get run over. ”

He said of his style:” My speed and my IQ. I’m obviously neither the greatest nor the strongest.

“With 10 oz gloves? People will see some performances too. But speed and IQ stand out the most.”

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