Boxing News: Is Mikaela Mayer Women’s Boxing’s Future Face? 

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Boxing News: Mikaela Mayer has “great potential” to be one of boxing’s biggest stars in the United States, according to Top Rank president Todd DuBoef. She could possibly make her debut in the United Kingdom in 2022.

In her most recent fight against Maiva Hamadouche, the undefeated American unified the IBF and WBO super-featherweight titles and is aiming for the undisputed crown.

But, as her promoter, Top Rank’s DuBoef, explains, her rise to the top wasn’t always guaranteed: “We were hesitant about what to do in the women’s division.” A decade ago, we had just dabbled in it.

“However, she persuaded me.”

“She has a personality outside of the ring, but I wasn’t sure about her inside the ring.”

“Then there was her last bout, which was incredible. She has proven herself in numerous fights.

“No one is the face of boxing, but Mikaela is a big part of it, especially in the United States.” Savannah Marshall and Katie Taylor are two actresses from the United Kingdom and Ireland.

“Mikaela and Claressa Shields have accomplished a great deal in the United States.

“What do you expect after a performance like her previous fight?” Mikaela has a firm grasp on you. She has a lot of promise in America, and I’d want to bring her to the United Kingdom.”

Mayer feels that the highest level of women’s boxing will soon change.

“It’s not Katie Taylor anymore,” she said of the world’s No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter.

“In her last several fights, I haven’t seen her perform well.”

“It makes me unhappy because I’m looking forward to a brawl with Katie.” To challenge her, I’d go up to 135 pounds.

“I’d like to get her before she says no.” She’s had a fantastic career.”

Mayer’s fellow super-featherweight champions are Alycia Baumgardner (WBC), who defeated Terri Harper of the United Kingdom, and Choi Hyun-Mi (WBA)

“For some reason, she has this entitlement that ‘it’s her time,'” Mayer said of Baumgardner.

“I came for Harper when she was in possession of the belt. Now I’m on my way to get Baumgardner.

“It’s not about you. She’s attempting to make it feel like high school by saying things like “you’re jealous.” No, all I wanted was to have the biggest battle possible.

“After she won her belt, she didn’t speak my name.” She doesn’t want to go to war with me.” Mayer believes her two divisional competitors will fight first, and she asks, “Where is Choi?” She isn’t doing anything. She has kept her title and is the longest-reigning female boxing champion, but she never fights for it.

“She’s not a very good player.”

“I think Baumgardner is going to win.” It’ll be a tremendous fight between two Americans for the uncontested crown.”

Mayer’s fame shone brightly outside the ring as part of the first all-female boxing commentary team, which included Crystina Poncher.

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